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Razorwire 5 takes a user-centered and data-driven approach to product development. Our team works collaboratively to conduct user and market research, defining a clear strategy and roadmap with detailed requirements and well-defined metrics of success.    

Research + Strategy

Our research and strategy team works collaboratively to conduct user research, defining a clear strategy and roadmap with detailed requirements and well-defined qualitative and quantitative metrics of success for each release MVP (minimal viable product). We also specialize in providing onsite Blue Ocean workshops and strategy sessions with internal teams. 

UI + Visual Design

Our visual design team has created bleeding-edge interfaces for some of the world’s leading brands. Whether it’s redesigning your corporate site, launching your first mobile app, or overhauling existing tools and applications, our designers can give your product the sexy edge factor needed to set it apart from the competition.

Mobile + Web Dev

We take the burden off the client when needed. If our client is not coming to the table with an in-house development team, our team of engineers and developers, all based here in North America, can help provide the necessary skillsets to bring a concept to fruition.

User Experience + IA

Our UX team approaches interface design with a user-centric and data-driven mindset. They ensure that digital solutions are not only competitive and avant-garde, but also realistic to develop within the framework of the chosen technology, scalable for future feature integration, and on time and under budget.

Content Strategy

A much-overlooked part of the creative process, content strategy at RW5 plays a very critical role in helping define the right type of content in the right context. A good user experience is influenced by appropriately balanced information architecture, transitioning, visual design, and content strategy.  


A key component missing in most design and development shops – adequate testing. To ensure that public release of a product will be successful, all of our team members play a part in the testing of a developed product. We test everything from requirements adherence, content, transition times, download times, accurate backend retrieval, pixel positioning, etc.

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